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We arrived in Regensburg late on Saturday, checked into our hotel and decided to go and find a Laundromat – we were in need of clean clothes. We got directions from the young male receptionist at the hotel, programmed the GPS and headed off into town in search of the washing machines.  First attempt, failure, wrong information, wrong street, nothing that even resembled a Laundromat, back to the hotel, pick up the Lonely Planet Book and try again, program the GPS, off we go. (Completely wrong address given by receptionist – opposite side of the town) Through this whole process, it didn’t even occur to us it was 6pm on SATURDAY night!!

We followed Hilda’s directions to the tee, through the tiny cobbled streets, through the ‘there are traffic problems on your route’ from Hilda who had picked the route, over the bridges, around corners, down more streets that were getting thinner. Finally success!!, We arrived at the Laundromat.  I parked the car up against a wall to allow any other vehicles to pass. Of course immediately another car arrived and we promptly got told we could not park in this spot, as the Police would issue a fine.  It was suggested that we get the washing started and then shift the car. We were assured there would be a park at the end of the street, “there’s always parks just down there at the end, on the left”, said the girl who told us we couldn’t park where we were.  Barbara began the washing, and I went in search of the car park spot at the end of the street. There were no parks at the end of the street. I couldn’t go back up the street – it was a ‘one way’ street. Cars began to gather; drivers were getting a little miffed. I was committed; I’ll just go around the block I thought. It was at about that time I came to realise it was 6pm on SATURDAY night in summer. I was driving a car on the wrong side of the road, I didn’t have the addresses to program the GPS, not only could I not speak the language but I couldn’t even read the signs regarding parking restriction or anything else for that matter. What were we thinking!!  I made several laps, each one becoming more frustrating. I passed several weddings, (it may have been the same one that I passed lots of times); I think they thought I was a guest after about the third passing.

I finally bit the bullet, and instead of turning right at the end of this, by now, very familiar thin street by the river, I turned left, went over the bridge to the other side, not knowing if I would ever see Barbara again! Finally an open air carpark, which I think was ‘free’ (frei) if I could only find a park I may be able to follow the breadcrumb trail that I had left all over town and rescue Barbara! Success, a parking space!  I began the long walk back to the Laundromat, counting the bridges, looking for something familiar, anything!  After I had passed by 3 bridges, I still couldn’t see anything that looked in the slightest, familiar. I finally got help from a wonderful ‘sticker licker’ who knew where the laundry was, he escorted me back to the Laundromat. Finally Barbara and I were re-united, I was never so glad to see a ‘sticker licker’….Thanks, whoever you were!

After walking around the old part of the town during the morning, visiting the cathedral and hearing some beautiful music (it was Sunday), we were waiting for the shops to open….but it was Sunday, no shops. So instead  we drove out to visit an old brewery. Monks have been brewing a ‘Dark Ale’ at this brewery since about 1038, that’s AD not AM. They’ve been at it for a long time!  As we got closer to the brewery it became very obvious that every other tourist and local had made the very popular brewery their destination as well (it was Sunday!). We then decided to take a 45 minute cruise down the Danube.  At this time of the year the banks of the river are covered with visitors enjoying many different activities on the ‘beaches’ (river pebbles) and the river.  The cruise took about 2 and a half hours and very relaxing.

After a two night stay we headed to Goslar, a town in the Harz Mountains area.

Auf wiedersehen

Lance and Barbara


  1. Great photos folks, I bet there was a few FMG’s flying around the car whilst trying to find a car park. I must confess that I had a bit of a chuckle at your expense. It’s a good job that the German public don’t understand “pidgeon English” or “Band Speak”. We are really enjoying your blog. Keep it coming.

    • Hi Des & Marg
      You’re right, I did have some appropriate words be-fitting of the situation, in Dresden, leaving today for Prague.
      Glad you got to have a chuckle, I think its funny now!
      Lance and Barbara

  2. OH WOW, getting lost brings back scary memories for me….in Italy….
    I don’t want that to happen again..I feel for you.

    • Hi Shelley, It was OK, I knew I’d get there in the end, by the time I got there Barbara had almost finished the washing anyway…it’s all a bit funny after the event…we are in Warsaw now, here for 4 days, I’ve got to catch up with the blogs…falling behind>
      Lance and Barbara

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