Awrite! from Scotland

You can’t visit Scotland without realising that the game of golf is particularly important here. So we crossed the Tay Bridge and went to ‘The Home of Golf’, St Andrews.  Continue reading “DUNDEE-ST ANDREWS-EDINBURGH”



Lance has passed the baton to me, so I will tell you a bit about our adventures in St Petersburg.

Привет from St Petersburg
We flew from Warsaw into St Petersburg, went through all the necessary processes to get into a country at an airport, and went straight to the information desk. ‘What is the best way to get to the city?’ So armed with our maps and information we went out and caught the dilapidated public bus to the station and then the train into St Petersburg. Our luggage had to have a bus ticket and a train ticket to come with us. Continue reading “St PETERSBURG”


Cześć! From Warsaw
Another interesting train journey…..a bit faster……couldn’t quite count the sleepers as they passed by…..

We arrived at the hotel and went hunting and gathering…..just the essentials, beer….and some milk, sunglasses for Barbara (others got scratched) and antihistamines for me: something was making me sneeze!  We stood at the front of the hotel, which direction, straight ahead, A-left or B-right…..we’ll take A….should have taken B, that’s were all the shops were. Continue reading “WARSAW”


Cześć! From Krakow
Our train trip from Prague was to say the least, interesting! Our Eurail pass didn’t cover Poland so we needed another buy another ticket to get us from the Czech border to Krakow This also involved a change of trains not long after we crossed the border. We were on an older train, but still an EC train, that was comfortable and fast until we crossed the border into Poland…the further we went, the rougher the ride…. Continue reading “KRAKOW”